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Paul Slager – Virtualization, Storage, Exchange, SharePoint, and Backup Expert

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How do you encrypt files in a Zip file with WinZip?

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WinZip provides two alternatives for encrypting files.

The most efficient way to encrypt files is to do so while you are adding them to a Zip file (.zip or .zipx).

WinZip ribbon interface

  1. Check the Encrypt box in the Home tab
  2. If you have not already done so, set your encryption level in the Settings tab
  3. Create a new Zip file
  4. Enter a password when the Encrypt dialog displays

Legacy menus/toolbar

  1. Open WinZip and create a new Zip file
  2. In the Add dialog, check the Encrypt added files box
  3. When the Encrypt dialog displays specify an Encryption method
  4. Enter a password and click OK

If you are creating a Zip file in a folder window using the context menu (right click), you will have an option to encrypt the files if the Add dialog is displayed. If you choose to add files to an existing Zip file using Add to recently used Zip file there will be no Add dialog and therefore no opportunity to encrypt the files while they are being added. In such a case, you can encrypt files after they have been added.

To encrypt files already in a Zip file:

  1. Open the Zip file
  2. WinZip ribbon interface – Click Encrypt Zip File on the Tools tab
    Legacy menus/toolbar – Click Encrypt on the Actions menu


  1. Right click on the Zip file in a folder window
  2. Choose WinZip
  3. Click Encrypt

In either case, WinZip will ask for a password (and encryption method if you are using the Classic interface) and then encrypt all files currently in the Zip file.

If a file in the Zip file is already encrypted, it will first be decrypted and then re-encrypted using the password and encryption method you specified. WinZip will first try to decrypt the file using the current password; if the file cannot be decrypted with this password, WinZip will ask you for the correct password. If you are unable to supply the correct password, the file can be skipped, and it will remain unchanged in the Zip file. The password you entered in the Encrypt dialog box will remain active until either you delete or replace it, or you close the archive.


Embed Album Art in iTunes for Windows

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Embed Album Art in iTunes for Windows
We’ve talked about what it means to “embed” album art in iTunes before, but never had a solution for Windows. Saad finds one for us:

This script embeds all artwork to the music files.

Open up cmd and type cscript “path/to/vbs/script”, hit Enter, and choose your playlist (like “Music”).
Hope this helps other people like me who love iTunes but can’t be bothered to individually embed.

This is particularly useful if you’re using iTunes to manage your library, but using something else to listen to music and want your album art to show up.

How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 2G On iOS 4.2.1 Using Redsn0w [Windows]

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Posted by iPhoneHacks on December 26, 2010

Jailbreak iPod Touch On iOS 4.2.1 Redsn0w

Redsn0w is a popular jailbreaking tool developed by the iPhone Dev Team.

iPhone Dev team had released Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 quite sometime back, which allows iPod Touch users to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1.

In this guide, we will take you through the step by step procedure to jailbreak iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.2.1 using Redsn0w.

Here are some important points to note before you proceed.

  • This guide is meant for iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 2G non-MC model users only.
  • Please note that jailbreaking your iPod Touch may void your warranty and hence proceed with caution and at your own risk.
  • Do not forget to backup your iPod Touch before you proceed. You can refer to this post for instructions on how to backup your iPod Touch.
  • Please note that this guide is only meant for Windows users. We will publish a guide for Mac users shortly.
  • After the jailbreaking process is complete, do not forget to checkout our article on tips to keep your iPhone secure.
  • Please ensure you are running latest version of iTunes, iTunes 10.1 or later.
  • Please note that Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 can only perform a tethered jailbreak on iPod Touch 4G and iPod Touch 3G. Tethered means that the jailbreak needs to be reapplied every time you power down your iPod touch. If you let the battery run out or restart your iPod touch then you will need to reapply the jailbreak by connecting to your computer (tethering). iPhone Dev Team has recently released Redsn0w 0.9.7 that will perform an untethered jailbreak on iPod Touch 4G on iOS 4.2.1 but it is currently not ready for the general public.
  • Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 cannot jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 for iPod Touch MC model. This guide is only applicable for iPod Touch 2G non-MC models.

You can follow these step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPod Touch:

Step 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 by clicking here and save the application in a folder named “Pwnage” on your desktop.

Step 2: You need to download iOS 4.2.1 firmware file:

iOS 4.2.1 firmware file for iPod Touch 2G users (iPod2,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw)

iOS 4.2.1 firmware file for iPod Touch 3G users (iPod3,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw)

iOS 4.2.1 firmware file for iPod Touch 4G users (iPod4,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw)

Step 3: Double click the Redsn0w zip file and extract the application to the Pwnage folder.

Step 4: Connect your iPod Touch to the computer, which should automatically launch iTunes.

Step 5: From the ‘Devices‘ section on the left pane of iTunes, select your iPod Touch device. Now, hold down the Shift button and click the ‘Restore‘ button.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 6: Navigate to the Pwnage folder on the desktop and select the downloaded iOS 4.2.1 firmware file (iPod Touch 4G users: iPod4,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw, iPod Touch 3G users: iPod3,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw, iPod Touch 2G users: iPod2,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw). Click on the ‘Choose‘ button to let iTunes update your iPhone with the required firmware.

Step 7: Navigate back to the Pwnage folder and launch the Redsn0w application.

Step 8: You will be asked to select the corresponding IPSW file. Click on the Browse button and select the iOS 4.2.1 firmware file (iPod Touch 4G users: iPod4,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw, iPod Touch 3G users: iPod3,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw, iPod Touch 2G users: iPod2,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw).

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 9: Redsn0w will verify the firmware file and inform you if it has successfully identified it. Click on ‘Next‘ to proceed.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 10: Redsn0w will now start preparing the jailbreak data.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 11: You will now be prompted to select the jailbreak options you would like. A few of these may have already been selected by default. Make sure Cydia is selected and select ‘Next‘ to continue.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 12: You will now be prompted to switch OFF your iPod Touch and plug it to the computer. Follow the instructions and click on ‘Next‘ to move to the next screen:

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 13: You will now need to put your iPod Touch into the DFU mode. Redsn0w will take you through the necessary steps:

(a) Hold the Power button on iPod Touch down for 3 seconds:

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

(b) Now simultaneously hold the iPod Touch and keep the two buttons pressed for 10 seconds:

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

(c) Now release the Power button while keeping the Home button pressed until Redsn0w identifies the device:

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 14: Your iPod Touch should reboot now.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 15: Redsn0w will now begin uploading the new RAM disk and kernel.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 16: You will now be notified once the jailbreaking process is complete. Click on the ‘Finish‘ button to exit the application.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Step 17: Your iPod Touch will reboot once again (which could take approximately 5 minutes). After it has rebooted, your iPod Touch should be successfully jailbroken. You should find Cydia jailbreak app on your iPod Touch’s home screen.


iPod Touch 4G and iPod Touch 3G users should select Just boot tethered right now from the options window and click Next to use Redsn0w to help you boot back into your jailbroken device on every reboot.

Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 - Redsn0w

Hope this helped. Please don’t forget to drop us a line to tell us how it goes.

YouTube intros a simple video editor

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Jun 16th, 2010 @ 09:23 pm › Michael Bettiol

Earlier today, YouTube introduced a simple and very easy to use cloud-based video editor for its millions of users. Creating things like mashups couldn’t be more simple thanks to the new system, requiring users only to drag their clips into sequential order, trim each clip to length, and then throw in some music and titles. Like we said, it’s a very simple system that doesn’t offer a whole lot of options. But for the average person who possesses neither the right software or the know how, YouTube’s solution is pretty spot on.

[Via Ars Technica]

Adrian Francis

How to add Hotkeys in Composer

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Written by MattG on June 6th, 2010
Written within: Composer Tutorials

Composer can be a very tricky program to get used to. There are a lot of times people are asking developers to make a hotkey for their device. Believe it or not – it is extremely easy! In this tutorial, I will teach you how to do it.

For those who do not know, a hotkey doesn’t mean your keyboard gets hot. It simply means when you press a button an application will load.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Step One

Open up Composer and go to File > New.
You can choose any size you would like except for the Storm. Since the Storm doesn’t have a keyboard this will not work.

Step Two

Go to Interactivity then Hotkey Actions.

Step Three

When the new box opens, select the last icon on the right.

Step Four

You will see new options come up at the bottom.
For the purpose of this tutorial, we will add a Hotkey to open up SMS and MMS.

Therefore, click the Next Key Typed button at the top.

Once you press that button, you will see a small grey box that says ‘Press a Key to be used as the hotkey’.

Press $ (alt + 4) on your computer keyboard.
* If you are going to use the Spacebar, the hotkey will come up blank. *

Keep in mind, you can press any button on your keyboard that is on the Blackberry device. If you want to use # you can – you would press Alt + Q (#) on your Blackberry to open the application.

After you do that you will notice the $ sign next to Key and it also under Event.

Step Five

The last and final step is upon us folks! I told you it was easy!!!!

At the bottom of that dialog box, you will see the Launch Application section.

Press the drop down and go to SMS and MMS.

You will now notice the full line (Action and Event) is completed.

Press OK and export your file as an SVG.
When you press the $ sign, SMS and MMS will pop up. Make sure you separate your inbox’s!

I hope you have learned something new!

Shortcuts to websites on your BlackBerry homescreen/ribbon

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– return

Application suite that allows you to have shortcuts to websites on your BlackBerry homescreen/ribbon.

Configure the shortcuts using the master hub application, enter the address of the website you want the shortcut to launch (include http:// ) – you can also customize the icon of the shortcut by entering the web address of a suitable .png image file but this is optional. The icon for any shortcut will update after the first time you use it.

If you require a preconfigured shortcut that you can distribute to your staff or push to your corporate users please read the Programming Blackberry Shortcuts article.

Download Web Shortcuts extract and install the suite using the desktop manager software

Select the shortcut to edit

Enter the website and optionally the url of a cusom icon