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Wrong Bill Amount of $24.95 ($4.95 not $24.95 / Monthly)

Ticket Details
Ticket Key: FNY-9835-270
Subject: Wrong Bill Amount of $24.95 ($4.95 not $24.95 / Monthly)
Department: Billing
Creation Date: Jun 02 ’09 10:01am
Last Reply: Jun 02 ’09 10:28am by Adrian Francis
Status: Open
Priority: Urgent
Additional Information
Domain Name: echofoxx.com
Ticket Correspondence
Added by: Adrian Francis @ Jun 02 ’09 10:01am
I understand that you recently acquired DataCities.com and there was an e-mail sent stating that i will have no service interuption. will i was bill today and i have being charged $24.95 on my account. this is not correct my monthly bill is $4.95 and month for 2.5GB storage and 25GB bandwith per month with
unlimited – Email Accounts – Subdomains – Parked Domains – Addon Domains – Ftp Accounts – SQL Databases – Mailing Lists – Hosting package
I would expect the same service
Please Fix this incorrect charge. Thanks
Added by: Amy H – GlowHost Customer Care @ Jun 02 ’09 10:06am
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If you feel that you do not need the space requirements then we have other plan options for you to review below:


However, we are sorry for the possible rate increase, however we feel these steps are needed as the problem with the previous hosts was that they priced their packages too low, and thus, they are no longer in business. We are trying to prevent the same fate at GlowHost.

Once you have reviewed the packages please let us know what you would like to do.
Thank You,

Amy H.
GlowHost Customer Care

Added by: Adrian Francis @ Jun 02 ’09 10:28am
This was not stated in the e-mail that was sent or the message on the Glowhost.com / Datacities.com website. moreover, your saying that i jumped from $4.95 and month to $24.95 and month because i am a sucker and Companies can do what the want. to put this into perspective, it’s like saying that the government made a mistake for the past 50 years and they need to change everyone’s Tax rate to 500%. This is not Fair and with no warning. I would like this issue to be sent to a manager, and have them comment on my clear example of this craziness.
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