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Skyfire browser for BlackBerry now in Alpha testing


Skyfire is going to be an incredible browser for BlackBerry. With full Flash, Silverlight and Ajax support, you can browse the Internet like you’ve always wanted to on your device. The latest build, Alpha 2, has been delivered to testers meaning it shouldn’t be long until the public gets their hands on something official. Expect a public Beta this summer. Sorry, I wish I could give you a more exact date.

(Rumor) Skyfire mobile browser to hit BlackBerry very soon

Back at CTIA last year we posted about Skyfire, a mobile web browser that is really slick. The browser supports Ajax, Flash, Silverlight and it runs faster than Opera and Safari Mobile. When we posted about it, readers weren’t very happy with us because it wasn’t BlackBerry compatible.

According to a LinkedIn thread, they are very close to offering BlackBerry compatibility.

Skyfire has just begun the alpha test for Blackberry devices. In a first moment this will cover Bold, Curve, Pearl and the 8830.

We should expect to see a press release about Skyfire for BlackBerry very soon so get ready.

Skyfire coming to BlackBerry with full Flash support

skyfire for blackberry

We told you a few days ago that Skyfire was soon to be arriving on BlackBerry and BGR has confirmed this with screenshots of the browser in action. How amazing will it be to have full flash support on your BlackBerry with the ability to stream video from sites such as Hulu? Very amazing.

One user who has alpha tested the browser describes it as “already being the best BlackBerry browser ever.”

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